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Monday, September 17, 2007

Attorneys trust Alpha Five

Here's a true customer success story featuring Attorneys Trust Document Services, which I hope will whet your appetite over the rapid development capabilities provided by Alpha Five. The story is featured below, or you can check out the PDF version, which features a slick layout.

Customer Profile
Attorneys Trust Service (ATS) was founded in 1991. The company goal was to create and deliver the most highly-customized estate planning documents available for clients of California attorneys and financial advisors. Having succeeded in California, ATS is now expanding nationwide.

San Ramon, Calif.

Law, Trusts & Estates, Estate Planning

Attorneys Trust Document Service prepares complex estate planning documents for attorneys and financial professionals, who provide them to clients. But the fast-growing company was facing time and productivity challenges. ATS received too many telephone calls where clients asked the same questions again and again. Company management decided they needed a convenient, self-service Web site that provided stock answers to standard questions, and also offered some valuable services. They also wanted to appeal to younger, Web-savvy professionals. Unfortunately, they quickly found it impossible to building a data-driven Web site using popular applications, such as Dreamweaver and Front Page.

Attorneys Trust Service turned to an Alpha Software partner, AlphaToGo, in San Ramon, Calif. They asked AlphaToGo to create a Web site that provided a secure, interactive online document request form, as well as an extensive knowledge base to search and find answers to common questions. Using Alpha Five, AlphaToGo designed, developed, debugged, and deployed a state-of-the-art, secure Web site with database-driven support and document services. AlphaToGo also developed a work-in-progress tracking system that allows ATS’ clients to access pending work; find client contact information, get maps and directions, automate progress tracking, and distribute status e-mails to authorized parties.

The application built in Alpha Five provides an online experience that’s easy for ATS clients to use, and easy for ATS executives to manage. Unlike other platforms that address narrow aspects of Web development—such as page design, or database, or scripting—Alpha's complete integration between Web design, desktop application, and Web database server allow in-house workers to have a rich desktop application, with all the features Windows programs provide, while clients can tap the database via any Web browser. The resulting database-driven application is secure, meets all of ATS’ initial requirements, and then some. The new Web site immediately reduced the number of inbound phone calls, while attracting exponentially more clients—including a younger demographic who prefer Web-based applications. Lastly, ATS’ site can be customized by anyone, without requiring programming skills. This empowers ATS to provide Web services to third-party organizations that want to use it for their own clientèle.

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