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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A developers journey from Delphi to Servoy to Alpha Five v11

One of the reasons that Alpha Five v11 has built up an enthusiastic following is because we are committed to innovation in an industry that demands innovation.

For example, since the release of Alpha Five v11 about 9 months ago we have already shipped  11 powerful feature packs with 3 more coming within days. All these feature packs are all designed to boost developer productivity. (See below for details on the feature packs.)

The other reason behind the following that has built up around Alpha Five v11 is our focus on customers and making improvements based on real world suggestions that get fed back to us through our customer base.

As I have said before, the best part of my job is talking to customers who are having excellent results with Alpha Five v11 and who are constantly giving us suggestions for improving Alpha Five.  A good example of this is a recent conversation with Frank Bevers who is a developer who works with customers in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Three new Feature Packs shipping soon for Alpha Five v11

Feature Packs now shipping for Alpha Five v11

See videos about each feature pack in our video library.

Image Gallery Component

Easily Add a Powerful Image Gallery Component to your Desktop, Web, and Mobile Applications

The image gallery component is a beautiful, and intuitive interface for displaying pictures in desktop, web and mobile applications. On mobile applications, orientation changes can be detected (and adjusted for) and touch events are supported. The component is smart enough to detect the capabilities of each device, and depreciate features when needed.

See the videos

Video Player Component

Add a Flexible HTML5 and YouTube® Video Player to your Desktop, Web, and Mobile Applications.

This video player makes it a snap to embed HTML5 and YouTube Videos into any kind of application. Video has become an important part of many new applications in virtually every industry, including education, insurance, and the medical field. With the new video component, you can display videos within your applications. And your videos can be hosted from virtually anywhere, including YouTube

See the videos

Google® Map Component

Add Powerful Graphical Information System (GIS) Features to Desktop, Web and Mobile Apps

Alpha Five v11 does the "heavy lifting" for you when it comes to mapping, geography, and graphical information systems. The new Google Map component allows your desktop, web, and mobile applications to link to Google Map web services. You can perform geographic searches, display points on a map, and much more. This makes it easy, for example, to add a store locator to your application, so that people can find the nearest points of interest based on their current location.

See the videos

Calendar Component

Add powerful drag-and-drop scheduling to your desktop, web, and mobile applications.

If scheduling is important in your application, the new calendar component is ideal. It provides an intuitive way to work with events and dates and uses an intuitive calendar interface. (This feature pack also requires the use of a 3rd party component, which is sold separately. For pricing and to order this additional component, pleaseclick here to connect to the Web2Cal! website.)

See the videos

Embedded Calendar Control for Dialog Components

Easily Add a Powerful Calender Control to your Web Dialog Components

This feature pack adds a powerful calendar control to your Version 11 Web dialog components. The calendar can be used as a date picker (as well as a starting and ending date picker) and it can also be used to display events in a easily modifiable calendar UI. You have direct access to a nice selection of both server side and client side events to create sophisticated functionality. (This feature pack does NOT require a 3rd party component to run. It includes everything you need.)

See the videos

Slider Control for Dialog Components

Add Powerful Slider Controls to your Web Dialog Components

This feature pack adds a powerful slider control to your Version 11 web dialog components. Use the slider to set filter ranges and more. Gives your apps cutting edge functionality and form.

See the videos

Search and Navigation for Dialog Components

Easily Add Navigation Tools

This powerful feature pack has two main benefits. First in your data-bound Alpha Five v11 dialog components - you can now easily add a search part. It also adds a powerful way to navigate through your records by using Next/Buttons, or a Slider Control, or via Picking Records from a list, or any combination of the three.

See the videos

Power Search for Grids in Dialog Components

Find and Filter Records in Embedded Grids

The feature pack allows you to create a Power Search module to find and filter records in a grid that has been embedded into your Version 11 dialog components.

See the videos

Live Linked Embedded Grids for Dialog Components

Easily Link Embedded Grid Fields

Linking is like searching, in that it causes the records in the target Grid to be filtered, but has a very important difference - the link fields in the target Grid are automatically set to their corresponding value in the parent component. So, for example, if the embedded Grid is linked on (say) the 'invoice_number' field, all new records that are added to the embedded Grid will automatically have their 'invoice_number' field set to the linking value.

See the videos

Advanced Tabbed Object for Dialog Components

Expose new methods for selecting the Active Pane

The standard Tab control object in the Dialog allows you to group Dialog controls into a series of 'panes'. When the Dialog is run, the user clicks on a tab button to show the corresponding tab pane. However, clicking on a tab button is not the only way in which you might want to change the active pane. With this Feature Pack other methods for selecting the active pane are exposed.

The various ways in which the active tab pane can be selected are:
  • User clicks a tab button
  • Programmatic - some Javascript code is executed
  • Automatic - a client-side 'watch' expression determines which tab pane is active
  • Timer - a timer automatically cycles between the tab panes
You can also use the timer feature to automatically cycle through a series of images.

See the videos

Power Search for Embedded Reports in Dialog Components

Use the Dialog Component to create a 'Search Part'

With this feature pack, the Dialog Component can be used to create a 'Search Part' for a Report so that the end-user can enter search criteria to define exactly which records to display in the report.

See the videos

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