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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Alpha Five Version 11 Feature Peek #12: Animate your apps

Every time Selwyn sends me a video of a new feature in Alpha Five Version 11, I kind of feel like Clifton when he sees me reach for the leash to take him for a walk. I just get more and more excited about the upcoming release of Version 11.

So let me share with you the latest from Selwyn. He made two new videos that give you a look at the new animation feature in Alpha Five Version 11. This time he shows you how to add animation to the buttons pane in the Tabbed UI and the detail view in the Grid component.

Hit the videos to watch how adding animation to the Tabbed UI and Grid components can add pizzazz to your database applications. And if you missed the other videos demoing the animation feature, hop back to my previous posts now to get the nitty-gritty details.

Friday, December 03, 2010

How user-defined Ajax callbacks can add records to a transaction table

If your database application includes a transaction table, you can define a button that lets your end user easily add records from the Grid to the table. This saves your end user from manually entering information into all of the fields in transaction table.

The button is defined using Action JavaScript and choosing a user-defined Ajax callback. Watch the two videos to learn how the Ajax callback adds a new record to the transaction table. The new record in the transaction table is populated with the data from the record selected in the Grid.

Part one

Part two

Friday, October 29, 2010

Import Genie: Alpha Five Version 10.5 feature pack of the week

We let the genie out of the bottle and put it in our Alpha Five Version 10.5 feature pack of the week. The Import Genie feature pack lets you upload data from an Excel file or a comma delimited ASCII file from the end user's computer. It then imports that data into the current Grid or another external table.

Instead of manually entering information one row at a time, this feature pack enables you to load a large amount of data at once. You can also create a server-side event to do data validation. So after you've uploaded the file to the server, you can validate the data and then import it into the target table.

Watch the videos to see how easy it is to add this new feature pack, server-side data validation, and more.

Part one

Part two

Part three

Monday, October 25, 2010

How to export checked records to Excel

Halloween is still a few days off, but I have something to share with you today that's a trick AND a treat. There's a special feature you get when you put both the Export to Excel and Action Buttons feature packs to use in the Grid.

With them, you're able to let your end user check any record, even on multiple pages. Then the user can export those checked records to Excel. This is helpful when the user doesn't want to export all of the records, but can't define a search criteria to select the records they want.

Watch the video to learn how to write a custom export to Excel action button that only exports the records the end user checks.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alpha Five Version 10.5 feature pack of the week: Action Buttons

Ka-pow! Boom! Wham! No, you're not reading a Batman comic, you're reading an Alpha Software blog post. But those same sounds you probably know and love from your childhood are now erupting from the newest Alpha Five Version 10.5 feature pack: Action Buttons.

We've always offered the ability to put buttons in the Grid row, but the Action Buttons feature pack lets your Grid pack a bigger punch. With it, you can add action buttons in the Grid toolbar; detail view toolbar; any of the free-form areas that surround the Grid, detail view, or search part; master template; and inside the detail view layout.

The action buttons can execute any JavaScript code you define or by using Action Javascript. You can also format them to show text and icons or hyperlinks. To add even more oomph, animate the action buttons by defining special effects, including different images to use for the normal, hover, pressed, and disabled states.

Watch the videos to get a demo of everything I just told you above. If you want even more info, read the release notes.

Part one

Part two

Part three

Friday, September 10, 2010

Alpha Five feature pack of the week: File and Image Download

You've heard me tell you all about File and Image Upload feature packs the past two weeks. Now it's time for me to give you the lowdown on the downloads. The File and Image Download feature pack makes it easy for developers to define an action for an event in their Grid that will download a file from the server to the end-user's machine.

For example, you can now define a button that will let the end user download an image, embedded object, or file from any location on the server to their machine. Watch parts one and two of the video to get a quick demo on how to define various download buttons, or give our release notes a read through.

Here's an extra tip before you hit play. If you combine this feature pack with the File and Image Upload feature packs, you'll be able to build document repositories, image sharing, and content management Web applications much faster.

Part one

Part two

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

How to move a Grid row button to the navigation bar or a free-form edit region

The long holiday weekend is over folks. And I thought I'd start your late return to the work week with a nifty little tip to get your Grids looking tighter when it comes to inserting buttons.

When you place a button in a Grid row, it will appear in every row. While that can be beneficial in some scenarios, it can begin to look cluttered if you have a lot of rows. Watch the video to learn an easy way to place the button in the Grid's navigation bar or in a free-form edit region. When you do this, the button now only appears once, reducing the amount of buttons on the screen.

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