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Monday, November 15, 2010

Alpha Five helps AltaPoint deploy electronic medical records everywhere doctors and patients are

I was the first to declare the trend that doctors are rushing to embrace Alpha Five. I was partially kidding. But then I talked to Doug Lyman, CEO and founder of AltaPoint Data Systems, who is another Alpha Five developer helping support this trend.

While Doug isn't a doctor, he did develop and is selling AltaPoint's Medical desktop application. It integrates medical practice management with electronic medical records (EMRs) management. He wanted to take his app from the desktop to the Web to give doctors and their patients access to EMRs on any Web-enabled device.

Read how Doug used Alpha Five to bring his idea to fruition below or open the fancy PDF version. And keep your eyes peeled to the blog, I'll be posting a demo of Doug's app shortly.

Customer Name
AltaPoint Data Systems, LLC

Customer Profile
AltaPoint Data Systems, LLC develops and sells practice management software for the health care industry. It is the creator of AltaPoint Medical and AltaPoint Medical is a popular windows-based, desktop application for medical practice management. is AltaPoint Medical’s Web application counterpart, where doctors and patients can access EMRs on any Web-enabled device.

Midvale, Utah

Health care

Customer Situation
Several thousand independent doctors and small group practices worldwide use AltaPoint Data Systems’ Medical practice management software. The AltaPoint Medical desktop application was one of the first platforms to seamlessly integrate medical practice management with electronic medical records (EMRs)management. It lets doctors record and access patients’ EMRs as well as manage their front office with functionality, such as patient scheduling, billing, and insurance claim preparation. AltaPoint Medical’s users have consistently reported that the application meets their EMR needs. However, there is increased pressure to move EMRs to the Web with the Obama administration’s American Reinvestment Recovery Act of 2009. Doug Lyman, CEO and founder of AltaPoint Data Systems, set out to bring AltaPoint Medical to the Web to give doctors and their patients access to EMRs on any Web-enabled device. An experienced developer, Doug knew that a rapid application development (RAD) platform would let him build a Web application with the same speed and efficiency as a desktop application. He also wanted the application to be able to run on a mobile device, including the iPad, iPhone, or any other smart phone. He had to work under a tight budget and deadline. The platform had to connect to AltaPoint Medical’s existing database. And to further customize it down the road, he wanted the ability to deploy the application and replicate it for other solutions.

Partner Solution
Doug searched the market and narrowed down his choices to a few RAD platforms. Alpha Five Version 10 stood out on his list with its free 30-day trial and low licensing fees, as well as its reputation for power and productivity when building Ajax Web 2.0 applications. He downloaded the trial and began testing its features. For instance, the JavaScript with Ajax call-backs (created through an easy visual point and click builder) ensured that the Web application would have the speed of a desktop app, with the ability to run anywhere, including mobile devices. After two weeks of testing, Doug determined that Alpha Five met all of his criteria in a RAD platform. With the help of Alpha Software’s online tutorials, Doug single-handedly built, AltaPoint Medical’s new Web application counterpart, in approximately five months. zPatient is a Web application where patients can access their medical records, which includes medical history, problem lists, prescriptions with online refill requests, immunizations, X-rays and images, lab results, and more. Patients can also see their upcoming medical appointments, review their statement, and even make an online payment.

Alpha Five provided Doug the platform to take EMRs to the Web, and more importantly, to mobile devices for real-time access anytime, anywhere for doctors and patients. Its interface is simple to navigate and the application is easy to learn. Users simply self register and begin using it immediately.

For More Information

Alpha Software, Inc.

AltaPoint Data Systems, LLC

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