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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

'Fanning the flames of developer burnout' in TechNewsWorld

Try to count on one hand the number of mobile operating systems developers have to build for today. You can't, can you? That's because there are six right now. And more are sure to come in the near future. If you're not aware of what the six are, let me give you a quick recap.

There is iOS from Apple, Android from Google, Symbian from Nokia, Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft, RIM from BlackBerry, and webOS for HP/Palm. And let's not forget that the Web has become a platform. After talking with developers day in and day out, I know that there simply isn't enough time and no unifying tools that let them build across all of these platforms.

With the proliferation of mobile operating systems and the demands of application development, I think we're about to witness developer burnout. The editors of TechNewsWorld invited me to expand on the conundrum developers are facing in a guest article, which they posted today. Hit the article to pick up where I leave off here.

Thanks again TechNewsWorld for publishing my article!

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