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Thursday, November 03, 2011

On the 11th month of the 11th year, Alpha created Version 11

Yes, it might have been a little catchier if we held off until 11/11/11, but we just couldn't wait any longer. Today, we announced the release of Alpha Five Version 11.

If you're a regular on our blog, then you know all about this. For months now, you've been reading about it, watching videos about it, and listening to what the beta testers have to say about it. But we thought we should let everyone else out there in on it, so we issued a press release with all the juicy details.

And because I'm not one to keep a secret, here's one more important announcement: After the sniff test, Clifton told me that he smells a feature pack in the future.

What will your first project in Version 11 be? Take a look at the press release below to help you decide.

Finally: One Development Tool for All Five of Today’s Platforms

Alpha Five Version 11 sets a new standard for integrated rapid HTML5 application development for the building of business apps simultaneously for smartphones, tablets, the web, laptops,
and desktops -- and whatever comes next

BURLINGTON, Mass. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- There are thousands of computer programming tools on the market today, but only one lets programmers build apps for all five of today’s computing platforms without having to use Java, Flash, Silverlight, or other plugins: the new Alpha Five Version 11, released today by Alpha Software. It uses the power of Microsoft .NET and HTML5 to help developers solve a business problem once, and make their app available to users wherever they are and however they like to work—whether that’s on a smartphone, tablet, the web, a laptop or netbook, or their trusty ol’ Windows PC. At last, developers can stop worrying about platform uncertainty, and focus on delivering apps that won’t become obsolete every few years.

“The iPhone, the iPad, and mobile computing have changed everything, but you might be surprised to learn that not all of those changes have been for the best,” says Richard Rabins, Co-Chairman of Alpha Software. “Mobile and tablet computing are great for users, but they’ve added cost, complexity, and uncertainty for companies. IT has been forced to choose between investing in apps for the desktop or laptop, the web, mobile, and new form factors such as tablets. Development teams are burning out. They’re understaffed and overworked, because they have to cope with budget cuts while learning new languages and reinventing apps for multiple platforms. Business leaders are holding back, because they’re worried how the platform wars will shake out -- and that’s compromising productivity and competitiveness. It’s a mess.”

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Platinum launched today

It's official: Alpha Five Version 9, a.k.a. "Platinum," has launched. We also redesigned and relaunched our Web site to coincide with the product launch. And more improvements to the Web site are coming.

Seems anticlimactic to formally launch a product in the era of blogging. We've been talking about Platinum here on the Alpha blog since December or perhaps earlier. We've been "leaking" features on our Web site and here for months.

But even though we live in an age of continuous news, for an old hand like me, there's still something special about putting out a news release, making the product "officially available," and stirring up some additional public interest.

Not to mention the SEO value {grin}.

I want to thank everyone at Alpha Software who has worked so hard to make Platinum a reality -- especially my brother, Selwyn; our crack development team; and our early-adopting customers who helped us pound the bugs out.

I hope you download Platinum and give it a serious spin. And please let me know what more we can do to ensure Platinum sustains our goal of being "the ultimate front-end for your business data."

Speaking of which, we're pulling together a new series for the blog, which we're thinking of calling "Amazing Alpha Apps" (triple A; get it?). We'll be posting videos of actual business apps created by our customers, using Alpha Five.

These videos will be produced by the customers, not us, so what you'll see are unscripted demos by the app developers themselves. Keep your eyes on the blog for more.

3 ... 2 ... 1 ... launch!

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