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Friday, March 12, 2010

How to use Oracle stored procedures and functions

One of our customers, Harry Titlbach from Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung in Germany, sent me an interesting question. I passed it over to Kurt Rayner, Alpha's Vice President of Research and Development. He copied me on his technical reply.

Reading that, it occurred to me that Harry's predicament and Kurt's answer could be useful to some of our readers. Here is Harry's original, unedited e-mail followed by Kurt's unedited response.

Hi Richard,

I'm evaluating Alpha Five Version 10 with the 30 day trial (15 days remaining) for
Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung, Bonn, Germany. For information about the "Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung" please look at our homepage and

Starting this year, we have a new project with the goal to give our colleagues abroad better, and direct support to our Oracle 10g database applications.

Monday, March 01, 2010

TechTarget's SearchOracle says Alpha Five Version 10 is a "complete solution"

TechTarget's SearchOracle, the leading independent source for the Oracle community, had some nice things to say about Alpha Five Version 10 as part of a recent review. In particular, this paragraph stood out for me when I read the article.

"What is nice about Alpha Five V10 is that it’s a complete solution. The product offers a full complement of development tools and bundles in a Web application server that serves up any Alpha Five Ajax applications that work with any Web browser. Arguably, there is no quicker way to bring an application to the Web than with Alpha Five V10."

Don't stop reading there. Here's the full TechTarget SearchOracle review.

THE COMPLETE SOLUTION: says Alpha Five Version 10

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Robert Scoble, the Scobleizer, deems Alpha Five Version 10 "revolutionary"

Yesterday was a really great day for me and for Alpha Software. As you know, I'm at Oracle OpenWorld 2009 networking with Oracle developers and trying to raise awareness of our codeless Ajax technology, and its ability to help developers -- Oracle and otherwise -- build more and better solutions in less time. As part of this, I've been setting up meetings with the media, hoping to get a chance to demonstrate Alpha Five Version 10.

One person I had the pleasure of meeting with is Robert Scoble. Now, unless you've been living in a cave, you know that Robert Scoble is one of the most widely read bloggers in all of techdom. There are good reasons for this. He knows his stuff. He has an uncanny track record for recognizing the next big thing. And he's incredibly prolific on his blog, Twitter, and myriad other social publishing platforms.

What you might not know is that Scoble has long been involved in, and has a deep understanding and passion for, programmers and programming. Long before blogs even existed, Scoble was moving about various online forums, networking with and helping developers. In fact, his work as an evangelist for developers and appdev technologies goes back to at least the early 90s, when he was an active participant in CompuServe, supporting early versions of Visual Basic.

Fast forward to 2009. Robert and I sat down in a Starbucks, and I shared the current beta (and soon to ship!) version of Alpha Five Version 10 with him. Now, I've been in "the business" for over 20 years. I've had countless meetings with the press and, more recently, with bloggers. But my meeting with Robert was truly unique.

As we discussed Alpha Five and development in general, Robert had one eye on me and one eye on his iPhone. He was tweeting the meeting live. I've never had another journalist or blogger do that. The most interesting thing was, his brain seemed fully capable of managing both our conversation and his tweeting, without missing a beat on either.

You can follow Robert's tweets @Scobleizer. Here are the tweets he published while we were talking.

It's not every day one of the most influential chaps on the Internet calls your product "revolutionary." It was a real validation of the planning and hard work the Alpha team has invested in Version 10 over the past year, as well as the months of testing and feedback our beta testers have invested.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Robert will deem Version 10 worthy of a deeper look on his blog.

I also talked to Robert about our interest in cloud computing, areas where we see a fit for Alpha Five, and technologies we can bring to bear to make building apps for cloud computing easier and faster for developers.

Robert is going to tee us up with the right people at Rackspace, which has an expansive and mature cloud computing platform that is very interesting to us. I hope to share whatever develops as a result of that with you here, in future posts. (And as some of you know, we are already hosting several mission-critical resources on Rackspace, so this would be a logical expansion of that relationship.)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thousands flock to Oracle's OpenWorld 2009

There's Richard, down there somewhere in that massive throng of people who all arrived yesterday at San Francisco's Moscone Center for Oracle OpenWorld 2009! I think I see him right ... no ... oh maybe that's him ... er ... oh, oh that's gotta be ... hmm.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Codeless Ajax generating buzz before Oracle OpenWorld 2009

In today's InfoWorld, Paul Krill gave a little nod to Alpha Software and Alpha Five Version 10 in his article about some of the soon-to-be-goings-ons at Oracle's OpenWorld 2009, taking place Oct. 11-15.

Besides the buzz over Oracle's potential plans for Java, Krill mentions, "notable among third parties presenting app dev technologies at the event is Alpha Software, which plans to demonstrate its 'codeless AJAX' development tool."

Have a look at the article to see what else will be taking the spotlight at next week's conference.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How affordable tech is changing the future

There was an article in this Sunday's New York Times about how today's new, more affordable technology is helping bring down high-tech conglomerates such as Apple and Microsoft, just as much as the collapse of Wall Street.

With almost every American wallet taking a hit over the past year, many tech consumers are opting for the $200 netbook, instead of the $1,500 MacBook. But it isn't just consumers. Companies are taking advantage of free or cheaper Internet services to keep their bills low.

More companies than ever are running their internal technology processes by taking advantage of the Web. They're also using free e-mail and online document services from companies such as Google, instead of buying their own, expensive hardware and software systems from Microsoft or Oracle.

But that's not the only takeaway from this story. Today's economy is increasingly driving web (and intranet) based computing.  Clearly the need exists and is growing for tools to easily build fast, AJAX-powered Web database apps with security and reporting (that will run on all browsers, including netbooks, Iphones, Macs and PC's) - and that is exactly what we see our mission at Alpha Software for Alpha Five.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Building an EXCEL-lent database

It's actually quite easy to power-up data trapped in Excel spreadsheets by migrating it to a relational database. Many databases offer facilities for doing this. And we think Alpha Five's facilities for transforming data are among the easiest to use.

Selwyn (my brother) has created a nice tutorial on this very topic. If you can spare five minutes, Selwyn can show you how to build a database from a template or from existing data locked in Excel, Access, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and more.

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