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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Alpha enters Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine asked me for my views on the ever-present "to outsource or not to outsource" question. Have a look.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Alpha's new Professional Services group has you covered

In typical Alpha fashion, we've once again put the cart before the horse. I told you about Jeff Kalwerisky's spot in InformationWeek before I even introduced you to him as the newest member of the Alpha team. Well, now I'm telling you about a new service we're offering before we have "officially" announced we're offering it. ;-)

We've been building a Professional Services group over the last several months. While we haven't formally announced it yet, the group has been actively engaging clients since the second quarter, and has already completed a number of complex and interesting enterprise database projects. Several other major builds are in the queue, and the pipeline continues to grow. We've staffed up as a result.

Now that we've put all of our Professional Services systems in place, we're preparing to formally roll it out with a press release and some fanfare in the coming weeks. Meanwhile there's nothing secret about it. We've been telling customers about how our new Professional Services group can help them in our newsletter. We thought we'd let you know about Alpha PS here on the blog.

Here's the take-away: We understand not all of our customers and prospects are professional Web developers. But many need a professional Web database. If that describes you, we've got you covered with Alpha Professional Services. We work in conjunction with our certified development partners to help customers get projects of any scope or size up and running. We'll build your project with the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness that can only be achieved with Alpha Five Platinum.

Sound good? Check out our site for more information. And if you're a VAR who is interested in working with our Professional Services group, give me a ping.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Warm up your library card: New Alpha Five books available

As usage and momentum for Alpha Five grows, it's driving demand for books about the product. We're listening, and working to expand our library of books and training materials. The latest book to ship is Xbasic for Everyone, which you can download as a PDF for $19.

You can also review the A5V8 manuals, guides, and white papers online. And we also offer mentoring, training, and complete application development services through our network of professional service advisors.

Lastly, if you're an accomplished developer or VAR looking for qualified leads from businesses of all sizes, contact me about becoming a certified Alpha Five shop.

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