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Monday, March 01, 2010

Why you should use a staging site for your Alpha Five applications, and how to set one up

Publishing changes to a production Web site can be nerve-racking, unless you mitigate the risk by testing first on a staging site. Here's how to set one up without needing another physical server or a second Alpha Five server license.

Unlike desktop applications, which are typically revised on a schedule measured in months, Web applications are revised often. There's a temptation to make a change in the hope that it will fix a problem. But some of the time, an ill-considered change will do nothing, make things worse, or break something else.

We advocate a widely used approach to Web development: Maintain a development site, a staging site, and a production site. Most Alpha Five developers use their own PCs as their development site. Many publish directly to their production site after quickly testing their work on their development machines. Unfortunately, that does not give a wider audience a chance to test the new site.

The use of a staging site not only helps you to test your own changes, it can help you test patches to the Web Application Server. While Alpha tests its own patches, there might be aspects of your application that differ from Alpha's test cases. Therefore, you should always test patches before you put them into production.

We've broken the process of setting up an Alpha Five staging site into seven easy steps.

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