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Friday, July 16, 2010

Redmond Developer News says Alpha is 'Doing The News Right'

It's not every day that a press release makes more noise than the product it was announcing. But I was pleasantly surprised to see Redmond Developer News' David Ramel write an article about an Alpha Software press release.

David wrote the article, "Doing The News Right, And A Cool Dev Tool" to express his frustration with, well, let's say, formulaic, boring, and corporate-style press releases. In it, he uses the Alpha Five Version 10.5 press release as an example "from a company that actually knows how to do it right."

For anyone who has to market technology products -- or market anything for that matter -- the lesson here is that very few companies are important enough to put out a formulaic press release that is meaningful to the press. Now if you're the White House, you're important enough to distribute a formulaic press release.

But if you're a small development tool vendor in Burlington, Mass., that approach won't tell your story. What we tried to accomplish with the Alpha Five Version 10.5 launch release was to help the media understand the connection between Alpha Five's features and the capabilities they bring to users.

We could have done that in a formulaic style ("Alpha Software Announces Alpha Five Version 10.5"), or we could have tried to tell the story the same way we would explain it to our significant other. We chose the latter. Clearly that was appreciated, and for that we thank David.

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