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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Windows Desktop Applications with Alpha Five v11

Clearly we are living in an increasingly web/browser/mobile oriented world and Alpha Software, as most of you already know,  is focusing a huge effort in this direction. However, some of you may not know that Alpha Five v11 is also able to build comprehensive data-driven applications for Windows as well.

To illustrate this, we would like to share an email we recently received from one of our customers.

I guess I’m an oddball for the Alpha Five community. I’m not a professional developer, I’m an attorney but have some significant programming skills going back decades – I can (rather could) actually program very effectively in C (plus Pascal, VB, COBOL and Fortran) in Unix and VAX environments.

I’m also a director of a small family business which provides finance services in the taxi industry. When I became involved in that business they were using Excel to manage installment payments and insurance premiums – a nightmare of repetitive and error prone data entry.

Thought about using Access to build something more productive and decided to look around online. Found Alpha Five, tried it, loved it bought it. The business now has a fully functional base application which creates credit quotes and agreements (in compliance with law), reads the daily payments received file from the bank and posts them to the customers, and links into the Sage financial package sales ledger. Overdue letters are generated automatically etc. Wealth of reports for cash management, capital utilization  etc.

The “sister” application is a remote package used by insurance brokers to create “on site” credit quotations and agreements for their clients, detail of which are then emailed to the company for import into the application.

Nice position to be in.

Without these two linked applications the business could not grow – it has now grown too much too quickly! Our problem now is not whether we can cope with increased business … but as we are not a bank, how do we fund the huge amount of business we can now process and which we are being asked to underwrite. Nice position to be in.

Am also using it within my “day job” for a variety of bespoke applications associated with contract management and risk analysis.

What do I think of Alpha Five v11?  Overall …. it’s brilliant.


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