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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Microsoft Access users no longer have to be frustrated that the path to the web is painful.

The movement from Windows desktop applications to web and browser applications for business started many years ago and has become an unstoppable trend which has only accelerated with the adoption of AJAX, which has allowed web applications to perform with desktop-like speed.

With the broad use of MS Office, Microsoft Access became very popular for building Windows desktop applications. The result of this is that today there exists a large number of companies who have Access applications for the desktop that they now need to move to the web as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

It turns out that Microsoft's solution for moving  Access applications to the web requires either: A) publishing to Sharepoint and even then, there are serious limitations when it comes to reporting and the ability to work with applications that include vba code (which most serious applications include,) or B) using Visual Studio.Net which takes a lot of time and requires a lot of coding!

As a consequence of this, we have seen a very rapidly growing base of MS Access customers adopting Alpha Five v11 because of its ability to build powerful and secure web applications (with reporting, dashboards, mapping, multimedia, scheduling) very quickly compared to Visual Studio.Net and other development options. 

See the outcome (in the chart below) of the survey we ran with Alpha Five v11 customers, where we asked about the productivity of Alpha Five v11 vs other tools they had used in the past for building web applications.

To assist Access customers making the move to Alpha Five v11 we have now created a white paper and provided more information on this page

If you need any help in moving your Access application to Alpha Five - please email

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