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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alpha Five v11 vs. design software like Dreamweaver

I recently came across a question that had been sent to Brett Johnston our head of sales and service in which the customer was trying to understand understand under  which circumstances he might use Alpha Five v11 instead of Dreamweaver. I thought it was a common enough question that justified providing Brett's reply in a blog post. So here goes..

Reply to Prospective Alpha Five customer

Thanks for the e-mail.

You don't actually have to choose. You can still incorporate what you create in 
Dreamweaver  into your Alpha Application. (Obviously Dreamweaver is not a data
driven application development tool, so you do not have that functionality in it.)

Take a look at these articles + videos and also check out the very cool new
CSS3 style builder in Alpha five Version 11.

Also check out:  

Brett Johnston
Alpha Software, Inc.

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